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1.What’s the main ingredient of the product?
TeloPro® Proprietary Blend includes extract of Chinese Ginseng and Astragalus. Our research team finally determined the dosage of these two components to create a balanced formula with plenty of trials.
2.Why do you choose to make TeloPro® as a dosage form of SOFT-GEL?
Firstly, we conducted experiments in many other dosage form such as tablets, pills and normal capsules, and found softgel capsule is the most suitable dosage form for TeloPro's characteristic ingredients.

Secondly, the ingredients are purified from Ginseng and Astragalus by taking useful ingredients and removing impurities to ensure better solubility, all useful ingredients are completely dispersed in the medium of TeloPro® products.
3.How do you ensure that your products are safe?
. Ingredients fully comply with the standard of relevant EU regulations (tested result from third-party authority).

. TeloPro® is Made in Germany, which stands as a seal of quality, innovation and most importantly, trust.

. We make dietary supplements strictly in line with the laws and standards for drugs. It is produced according to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) in state-of-the-art facilities in Germany.
4.Does your product contain any allergens?
Please pay attention that our formulation of product contains Soybean lecithin.
5.Is your product free shipped worldwide?
Yes. We cover the shipping fee for our customers.
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Where is TeloPro's Office located? Can I have a visit?
TeloPro Biosciences GmbH located in Munich, Germany.

At present, due to the limited capacity for customers reception , there is no reception for customers to visit.

Please leave your phone number and email address with the "subject" VISITING in the page of "Contact us", we will contact you separately if there is an open day for customers in the future.

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Can I take TeloPro® when I am suffered in xxxx diseases?
We sincerely recommend you to consult your doctor before taking.